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Hello! I’m Kathleen

Health Coach + Yoga Therapist

I love to be outside in nature, whether it is a hike or another form of exercise, being active and healthy is my passion. I want to do all the things I love for years to come.

As an active woman, being diagnosed with osteoporosis came as a surprise for me, maybe it was for you too? I wish I had known growing up, what I know now. Lifestyle and diet can improve 70 – 80% of lifestyle diseases and it is never too late to make improvements.

Let me help you feel empowered with natural choices to improve YOUR health, energy, vitality, and build healthy bones.

Now is the time to start living your best life, to enjoy hiking, yoga, strength training, and an active lifestyle without the fear of fracturing or pain!

My credentials include:

What I Offer


Health Coaching

  • Unconditional positive support
  • Listening and understanding
  • Providing resources and tools
  • Finding clarity and defining action steps
  • Creating realistic goals
  • Accountability

Areas Coaching Supports

  • Stress Management
  • Physical Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Relationships
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Substance Abuse

How Coaching Works

  • Virtual coaching sessions
  • Use evidence-based coaching strategies
  • Positive Psychology
  • Support via Health App
  • Adhere to the NB-HWC Code of Ethics
  • Collaboration with your health care provider, upon request

Yoga Therapeutics

  • Osteoporosis
  • Women’s Health
  • Bone Health
  • Breast Cancer
  • Pelvic Floor

Benefits of Yoga

  • Stress Management
  • Build Strength in Bones & Body
  • Improve Posture
  • Enhance Coordination
  • Proprioception / Balance
  • Better Breathing
  • Balance Hormones

How Yoga Sessions Work

  • Virtual sessions via Zoom
  • Collaboration with your health care provider, upon request

Online Courses

Corporate Wellness

  • Lunch & Learns
  • Corporate Mindfulness
  • Corporate Yoga

Yoga & Mindfulness for schools

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Staff Training
  • Virtual sessions via Zoom
  • Special Events

What Client’s Say

“I love working with Kathleen. She helps me to get the most out of my practice by queuing up ways to make the pose work for me and my body type versus the generic yoga everyone else provides.”

– Kim D.

“Kathleen was a true collaborator in my journey towards accomplishing goals…She helped me find clarity on my goals and identify challenges I was encountering. Her guidance and coaching were critical to the breakthrough I experienced and I will forever be grateful for the process and lessons she brought to my journey.”

– Betsey N.

“Kathleen’s knowledge of proper alignment in poses, and the knowledge she has shared for my practice is such a great resource for dealing with osteoporosis.
My body feels stronger and better because of you.”

– Vickie k.

“I practiced yoga for several years before meeting her, but I really only used yoga as a physical practice. Kathleen helped me take a giant leap forward in using yoga and meditation to connect my body, mind, and breath. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my physical and mental health since I started working with her. I do not know where I would be now had I not found someone so dedicated to helping her clients achieve true wellness by explaining WHY yoga does what it does. She gives her clients the tools to integrate yoga into their lives daily and reap its benefits for a lifetime. She is a true healer and an inspiration.”

– Jennifer M.

Podcast Interviews


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