Vinyasa begins 5/31. BEACH Yoga begins 6/9. TEEN Yoga & Mindfulness begins 6/14.

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about Kathleen

Kathleen is a Wellcoaches® Certified Health & Wellness Coach and holds a Graduate Certification in Integrated Holistic Health & Wellness. She will help you create the right blend of BALANCE for your life.  Kathleen combines her education of holistic health, yoga, ayurveda, and aromatherapy to develop wellness lifestyle plans that physically and emotionally support her clients' needs. 

Kathleen works 1:1 with clients in her office at The Box Factory for The Arts. She also teaches yoga onsite at local elementary, middle, and high schools; Fortune 500 companies, small corporations, corporate retreats, and local studios. Kathleen believes in karma yoga, she donates time to teaching under-served populations, with a special interest in women & children who are in transition.

Kathleen lives in Saint Joseph, MI with her husband and three teenage boys.

practice mindful living


Practice yoga and other forms of regular exercise to phsyically enhance your wellness. Eat clean foods to nourish your body.


Practice mindfulness meditation to relieve stress, feel more calm, improve focus, encourage mindful decisions, and reinforce positive mindset.

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Establish a wellness lifestyle with ayurvedic daily routines that will nurture and support your physical and emotional health.

design your wellness lifestyle

what is a wellness lifestyle?

A life that you love, not one that you need to escape from! It’s a life of balance and regular self-care practices, influenced by ayurveda, yoga, mindfulness practice, and aromatherapy to support you emotionally & physically.

why now?

Women are faced with time constraints, regardless of age. It’s never too soon or too late to make yourself a priority. You will learn to use these simple daily self-care practices, which can be woven into your existing routine. As a result, you will start to see positive results. Who doesn’t like to feel better, look better, or have more energy?

how do I begin?

First, you will make yourself a priority. An act of self-love. 

Contact me for a free wellness consultation. Together we will formulate the perfect blend of BALANCE for your health and wellness needs. You will learn how to practice ayurvedic daily routines, set mindful living goals, and work on reinforcing a new healthy mindset. 

With combined effort and consistent practice, you will be able to live mindfully in a wellness lifestyle that will support your optimal health goals.


Advanced Yoga Teacher

Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

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