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Integrative Health Coaching

Are you ready for transformation?

Are you ready to start living your BEST life?

Most medications have numerous harmful side effects. You are wise to seek alternative options.

We as women need to take an honest look at our lifestyle habits and nutrition choices. We can manage or prevent hormonal imbalance, further bone loss, and promote better bone health with food and lifestyle habits.

Many women with osteoporosis experience other secondary conditions such as high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, or inflammation in the body.

Most chronic health conditions can be improved with lifestyle and nutrition.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you make necessary changes by providing guidance and support. My coaching methodology is a blend of East and West, based on three key principles.

Lifestyle – routines inspired by Lifestyle Medicine and Ayurveda the sister science of yoga.

Functional Nutrition – use food as your first source of medicine to maintain your vitality and longevity.

Stress Management – manage stress naturally with breathwork, mudras, chants, yoga, and meditation to lower inflammation in the body and balance hormones.

Coaching sessions are conducted virtually, all you need is access to the internet!

Step 1: Discovery Call

Is coaching right for you? Coaching is a relationship that should be a good fit for both client and coach.


Step 2: Define

Coach and client work together to define the coaching relationship and coaching agreement.

Step 3: Dream & Do

Dream and create your wellness vision. Achieve positive results with the support your coach.

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Nourish your body.
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Realign your lifestyle.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not a coach-directed process. Coaching is a method of empowering clients to be their best selves with the client leading the way and the coach supporting them in the journey. The coach and client will further define these terms and expectations in Step 2 when creating the coaching agreement. 

Do I Need a Doctor’s Permission?

It depends on your health history and health goals. If you are under a doctor’s care, your coach can complement and coordinate with your healthcare provider upon request. You will be asked to complete a wellness assessment prior to the first coaching session.

Can I Reimburse From My HSA/FSA?

All plans vary. It may be possible if your doctor recommends health coaching and/or yoga, that you would be able to reimburse yourself. It is always best to check with your individual plan.

Where Does Coaching Take Place?

Coaching sessions are conducted virtually. All you need is access to the internet and a readiness to start living your BEST life!

How Long Does Coaching Take?

A coaching relationship requires a minimum commitment of three months.

How Does Health Coaching Work?

Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. The coach acts as a positive supporter and accountability partner. Coaching works best with individuals who are motivated to make a change but need support.

Cancelation Policy

Based on the terms of the Coaching Agreement, appointments will be set with the expectation that both coach and client are showing up. If you for any reason need to cancel, a minimum of 24-hours advance is required, or cancellation fees will apply.


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