Nourish. Strengthen. Align.

Why do you need a different kind of yoga practice for osteopenia or osteoporosis?


Attending a “one style fits all” traditional yoga class is NOT what your body needs. Following cues used in traditional classes, even gentle yoga, can be unsafe for your body.

Your body needs a different type of yoga now.

A specially designed yoga practice can be really good for osteopenia and osteoporosis but a traditional yoga class, well not so much.

Yoga for Osteoporosis was designed for you!

Yoga helps to lower stress, increase body awareness, build strength, improve posture, coordination, and balance.

All important benefits for helping to minimize the risk of fracturing so you can still do all the other activities in life that you enjoy! So why not keep practicing?

yoga for bone health kathleen belonga

You need support and guidance.

I am here to help! After studying with the yoga for osteoporosis experts, I have created a specially designed style of yoga that can be done safely for years to come!

This course will empower you with all the confidence and tools you need so you can enjoy all the benefits yoga and life has to offer without the pain or side effects!

What is unique about this course?

Yoga for Osteoporosis is more than just another yoga class. It is a holistic approach to improving your overall health as we cover all areas of life such as stress management, movement, lifestyle, and nutrition!

➡️ First, you will learn how to manage stress and keep your cortisol levels balanced in a healthy way with restorative yoga, breath work, and other therapeutic modalities. 

➡️ Secondly, you will learn how to use food as your first source of medicine.Yes, it’s true, your food can either make you sick or make you healthy! In this course you will learn how to nourish your body with healthy foods that keep inflammation low and enhance bone health.

➡️ Thirdly, you will learn all you need to know about how to practice yoga with options to keep your spine and hips safe and healthy for years.

➡️ Lastly, you will learn how to use yoga poses to build bone mineral density. This method is based on the work of Dr. Loren Fishman, MD. A twelve-minute sequence of simple yoga poses has been shown to be effective, low-cost, and without significant side-effects. In the largest (741-patient) study, these 12 poses raised the mean values of spinal and femoral bone mineral density more than the accepted values for Fosamax or Boniva. 

Here is the URL for that peer-review study:

This program is for you IF:


You want to learn how to begin or deepen your personal yoga practice now that you have osteopenia or osteoporosis.


You are seeking alternative options to increase longevity and improve health.


You crave a deeper meaning to self-care & holistic wellness practices.


You are ready to embrace change, cultivate a healthy mindset, and commit to a holistic lifestyle.

This program isn’t for you IF:

You are looking for a quick fix.

You can’t make yourself a priority for at least 15 minutes a day.

You think that nutrition and lifestyle aren’t important factors in health.

You are suffering from the mindset that you can’t achieve greatness.

Hi There, I’m Kathleen!

I am a Yoga Teacher and Integrative Health Coach diagnosed with osteoporosis. I love to be outside in nature, whether it is a hike or another form of exercise, being active and healthy is my passion. I want to do all the things I love for years to come, regardless of age.

Many women, just like us, are diagnosed every year. Some do not find out until it’s too late. I am glad I know now so I can work to reverse or at least prevent further bone loss.

I have created this course for active women like us to feel empowered with natural choices to improve health and build healthy bones. Now is the time to start living our best life, to enjoy hiking, yoga, strength training, and an active lifestyle without the fear of fracturing or pain!

“Most cues being taught in traditional classes, even gentle yoga classes, may be dangerous for someone with osteoporosis.”

– Kathleen Belonga, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach


“I love working with Kathleen. She helps me to get the most out of my practice by queuing up ways to make the pose work for me and my body type versus the generic yoga everyone else provides.”

– Kim D.

“Kathleen is very focused on helping her clients learn and grow. She enthusiastically offers options, yet is never judgmental. Her approach to guiding her clients is always clear and concise.”


“Kathleen is patient and kind. She has the ability to get to the root cause of the problems and helps get resolution.”

– Michele F.

“I practiced yoga for several years before meeting her, but I really only used yoga as a physical practice. Kathleen helped me take a giant leap forward in using yoga and meditation to connect my body, mind, and breath. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my physical and mental health since I started working with her. I do not know where I would be now had I not found someone so dedicated to helping her clients achieve true wellness by explaining WHY yoga does what it does. She gives her clients the tools to integrate yoga into their lives daily and reap its benefits for a lifetime. She is a true healer and an inspiration.”

– Jennifer M.