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Mindfulness & Yoga in Classrooms

Support your students and improve your school's culture by offering in-classroom yoga and/or mindfulness practices. Yoga for gym class is also another great option for students to learn how to move, breathe, then find comfort in stillness.


Yoga 4 Teen Athletes

Specifically for teen athletic teams, poses designed to stretch key areas of the body based on type of sport. This is an ideal activity for team bonding, improving team performance, and reducing injuries.


After-School Yoga

Yoga classes for students or staff.  Emphasis on breathing exercises to transition and de-stress from school day.  Flow in & out of poses to release tension in the body and mind.


Why Hire Kathleen?

Hiring a yoga teacher with school-site training is really important from a liability standpoint. Kathleen not only has hundreds of specialized training hours in her toolbox, to ensure these practices are taught correctly. She is a Teacher Trainer for ChildLight Yoga, a Yoga Alliance accredited Children's Yoga Training School. In addition, Kathleen has been trained in Mindful Schools curriculm, and will finish the year-long Mindful Teacher certification program in 2019. She has a track record working in schools with highly positive results.



What's the benefit?

Teachers empowered and trained to use these wellness tools off/on during the school day are able to liven up a group or calm down an overly energetic classroom. Studies show positive results such as improved grades, concentration, and overall better classroom behavior.

Yoga & mindfulness practices support SEL programs, improve self-awareness skills, and improve self-esteem. Creating a school environment with less chaos and more readiness to learn benefits our children, their educators, and communities for generations to come.

Although the cost of having a teacher training workshop or in-school residency is low, we realize it can be a challenging to find surpluses in the budget. But we can help! Grant funding is available in many states to cover the cost of wellness programs.

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