Did you know essential oils can support you during life's transitions? Yes it's true, by balancing hormones & emotions; alleviating physical pain; improving skin health; improving your focus & feelings of optimism; and more.

Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Specialized coaching for women who are entering their second phase of life. Women who are tired of feeling low-energy, overwhelmed, feeling alone, experience sleep issues, hormone changes, hopelessness, or feeling a loss of control due to life’s transitions.

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Yoga & Meditation

Designed for the woman who wants to establish her own personal yoga and/or meditation home practice. The woman who wants to learn sustainable movement to support her body through the SECOND phase of life.

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Are you ready to improve your Health?

If you crave a deeper meaning to self-care & holistic preventative wellness practices; you are ready to embrace change, cultivate a healthy mindset, and commit to a holistic lifestyle, then this is perfect fit for you!
My coaching will empower you to be the CEO of your own life!

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