Yoga for Osteoporosis

and women’s health. Radiant Flow is a new kind of yoga for active women with osteopenia or osteoporosis, designed to empower them…

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to take back their personal power, strength, and vitality without medication…

to enjoy an active lifestyle, optimal nutrition, and yoga for years to come.

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Yoga Benefits

Manage stress and lower cortisol naturally.

Build strength and confidence.

Improve posture, coordination, focus, and balance.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease.

200 million women worldwide have osteoporosis.

Many don’t find out until it’s too late.

Every 3 seconds a fracture occurs.

1 in 6 women will have a hip fracture.

You don’t have to stop living.


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Nourish your body.
Strengthen your bones.
Realign your lifestyle.

Radiant Flow

Live & On-Demand Classes

Many women experience pain after yoga, as a result of osteoporosis. Following cues in a traditional yoga class can be dangerous.

My yoga classes are specially designed for students with osteopenia and/or osteoporosis to practice yoga safely.

Practicing yoga from the comfort of your own home is ideal with props that will help you to build strength, improve posture, coordination, and balance.

Yoga for Osteoporosis Online Course

Yoga for Osteoporosis online course is the perfect complement to your practice, especially if you are new to yoga or you want to deepen your existing practice with bone-building poses and health education.


Radiant Flow

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Integrative Health Coaching

As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you make necessary changes by providing guidance and support.

My methodology is a blend of Ayurveda-inspired Lifestyle Routines, Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Nutrition, and Yoga Therapeutics.

Nourish. Strengthen. Align.

“Kathleen was extremely encouraging. I never felt any pressure and always looked forward to our appointments. It was so helpful to have someone that I knew was “in my corner” at all times. There was never any judgment or negative feedback— she always helped me to focus on my accomplishments, even if they felt like small ones to me.” – Jennifer F., St. Joseph, MI

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